Attapulgite is a kind of crystalloid hydrous magnesium-aluminum silicate mineral, having a special laminated chain structure in which there is a crystalline lattice displacement existed. Thus it makes the crystals contain uncertain quantities of Na+, Ca+, Fe3+ and Al, and present in the shape of needles, fibers or fibrous clusters. Attapulgite has very good colloidal properties such as: specific features in dispersion, high temperature endurance, salt and alkali resistance, and also high adsorbing and de-coloring capabilities. Furthermore, Attapulgite has certain plastic and adhesive characters. Its ideal molecular formula is: Mg5Si8O20(HO)2(OH2)4•4H2O.

MANEK GROUP offering various grades of Attapulgite for Drilling, Bleaching earth, Petroleum oil Purification, Foundry Chemicals, Bio-Fertilizer, Paints, Adhesive, Cat Litter, Adsorbent, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.

MegaGel Series of premium quality Attapulgite offers best performance of above application.


MegaGel-30 Grade Attapulgite clays are swellable clays like Bentonite, although more are in needle shape. MegaGel-30 Grade Attapulgite, unlike Bentonite, will swell in salt water and is used in special salt water drilling mud for off shore oil drilling. Like many clays, they can be considered as charged particles with zones of + and - charges. MegaGel-30 Grade Attapulgite clays are agglomerated bundles of clay particles between 20 and 100 micrometers long and below 1 micrometer in diameter. Most grades contain up to 25% non-Attapulgite material in the form of carbonates and other inclusions. Despite this, they are a beneficial ingredient of cementitious tile adhesives in competition with polyacrylates and starch ethers. The advantage of MegaGel-30 is that their performance is not temperature sensitive and they have lower water demand. This grade is having free ions in an aqueous system to work. MegaGel-30 is a approved exfoliated Attapulgite where the clay has been chemically and mechanically purified into discrete particles about 2 Microns diameter. This material has special viscosity modification properties with high solid aqueous systems that cannot be matched with any other ingredients

Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics / Medical Applications

Highly refined, pulverized Attapulgite is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. MegaGel-40 Regular and Colloidal grades are primarily used as an absorbent in anti-diarrheal applications or as a binder to aid in pelleting or tableting. MegaGel-40 Regular and MegaGel-40 Colloidal are produced as per IP / BP norms by Manek Group of Companies. Utmost care is being taken to produce and store the material.

Paints & Coatings

MegaGel-30P is used in latex and other general waterborne formulations. MegaGel-30P, contains less residue, and is used in more demanding aqueous and solvent borne coatings, such as primers, topcoats, maintenance coatings, marine finishes, and semi gloss and gloss enamels. Both products work as co- thickeners with cellulosic, associative and alkali swellable thickeners.

Foundry Chemicals

Manek Group offer MegaSorb and MegaGel series of products for manufacturing foundry chemicals, Binders, Oil absorption and Binding based chemicals for Foundry Applications.


Manek Group offer best quality Attapulgite for Liquid Fertilizer and carrier for Pesticides.

Cat Litter

Manek Group offer selected fine quality Attapulgite clay for cat litter application. The product is available in Granules, Pellet and as per the customer requirement. Advantages:? It features extremely strong adsorption. ? It solidifies quickly. ? It can remove the bad smell, prevent bacterial growth and keep the air fresh and clean.


Oil Purifications


MegaGel Series can be used as a cellulosic thickener replacement in mortars in grouts. Their thixotropic properties also provide excellent pumpability and anti- sag properties in shot-Crete applications.

Thickening/ Suspension

MegaGel Series are effective suspending agents for particulate matter in ionic, non-ionic, and organic liquids. They are ideal for suspending pigment slurries, refractory coatings, ceramic slurries, liquid soaps, and other applications where limited mixing capabilities exist. MegaGel Series are highly effective as gellants and thixotropic in aqueous and organic systems. MegaGel Series is primarily recommended for organic systems. A variety of thickening characteristics can be achieved by varying the amount of MegaGel Series used. Industrial cleaners, paint remover, mineral oils, and many other liquids can be thickened with MegaGel Series of products.

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