Manek Group producing Kaolin and Kaolin based products since last 7 years with the name of M/s. Mineral Techniques. The Group subsidiary produce world class Kaolin products:

  • Calcined Kaolin
  • High & Standard brightness kaolin
  • Filler Clay
  • Specialty Kaolin
  • Fine Extenders and Value addition in white minerals.

Paints, Coatings & Pigments

KT & Titan Series of Calcinated Kaolin and HAS Series of Hydrous kaolin for Paints, Coating & Pigments are heat processed into high-quality calcined pigments. These are used as pigment extender for Paints, polymers and plastics. The manufacturing process is designed for close control of the formation of the finished porous aggregate structure, leading to increased performance at reduced cost and improving the performance of paints, plastic, paper and rubber. KT-90™ is a high brightness calcined clay, with exceptional light scattering properties which give rise to the product’s excellent opacifying properties, making it an ideal TiO2 extender (can replace 20% TiO2) in many industrial applications.

Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics / Medical Applications


Manek Group offers Calcined and Hydrous Kaolin for Plastics application. KT and Titan Series of products are used in plastics to provide smooth surface, Dimentional stability and resistance to chemical attack, to conceal fibre reinforcement patterns and to reduce shrinkage and cracking during polymer compounding and shape forming. It is also used as a rheological modifier and a functional filler, in which capacity it is used to improve mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. A major application is in PVC cables where its main function is to improve electrical properties. The other advantage of Manek Plastics grade calcined and hydrous kaolin applications include specialty films where the product impart anti-blocking or infrared absorption characteristics. Chemically modified KT and Titan Series of calcined kaolins are one of the major additives used in the process of automotive parts based on engineering thermoplastics.


Manek Group offers various grades of Kaolin for Rubber application. KT, LKT, Titan and HAS Series of products adds strength, abrasion resistance and rigidity to rubber. KT, LKT and Titan series of Calcined kaolin in particular, with or without a silane chemical surface treatment, finds extensive use in high value thermoplastic elastomers for a variety of applications and in rubber insulation on high voltage power lines.


Manek Group offers ceramics grade Hydrous and Calcined Kaolin. The basic and common application of Kaolin is in ceramics tiles body, glaze, opaque finish and hiding. Manek Group offers CKT series of calcined kaolin and HAS series of hydrous kaolin for ceramics. Kaolin is having long application list.. Manek Group offers wide range of Kaolin.



Manek Group offers kaolin for refrectory application. The major portion of refractories are produced from natural materials, combinations of compounds and minerals, such as kaolin, which are used to build structures subjected to high temperatures, ranging from simple to sophisticated products, fire bricks linings to re-entry heat shields for the space shuttle. In industry, Manek Kaolins based refrectories are used to line boilers and furnaces of all types reactors, ladles, stills, kilns and so on.


Manek Group offers kaolin for fibreglass application. Manek Kaolin is being used in fibreglass for strengtheners in a multitude of applications requires the use of premium quality kaolin. Manek Group kaolin allows for the strengthening of the fibres integrated into the material, It also improves the integration of fibres in products requiring strengthened plastics: cars, boats and marine products, sporting goods and recreation products, aviation and aerospace products, circuit board manufacturing, fibreglass insulation, fibreglass air filters, fibreglass tanks and pipes, corrosion resistant fibreglass products, fibreglass building and construction products.

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